October 18, 2017

Call for 2018-2019 Fellows

The Tang Institute has announced its call for 2018-2019 Tang Institute Faculty Fellowship proposals
by Jenny Barker

Ideas welcome! The Tang Institute has announced its call for 2018-2019 Tang Institute Faculty Fellowship proposals. The Institute supports Phillips Academy faculty members in developing projects centered on innovative approaches to teaching and learning. Efforts could include explorations of pedagogy, curriculum development, the use of new tools or research, and a variety of other initiatives. Application materials are due on Monday, November 6, 2017, and should be sent to [email protected].

In 2018-19, we are eager to expand the following areas of focus through fellows’ projects:

Learning to Learn

Projects that center on supporting students in developing skills that enable them to “learn about, understand, and drive their own learning.”

Recent Examples:

Hybrid and Online Learning

Pilots focused on the use of hybrid and online approaches to foster high impact learning experiences, explore new pedagogical and curricular approaches, and engage diverse audiences at Andover and beyond.

Recent Examples:

Digital Platforms and Resources

With guidance from Jacques Hugon, the Institute’s technology partner, pilots that are integrating and building technology tools and platforms to streamline information and offer unique teaching and learning experiences.

Recent Examples

Interdisciplinary Pilots

Based on the recommendations of the Interdisciplinary Working Group report, and working closely with the proposed chair of interdisciplinary offerings, the Tang Institute will support interdisciplinary projects that embody the philosophy outlined in “Interdisciplinary Work at Andover: Purpose and Scope.” Proposals may focus on the creation of new courses or revamping existing courses, as well as projects focused on the study of race- class-gender-sexuality.

Apply Now

Apply now to be a 2017-2018 faculty fellow by completing the online application and sending it to [email protected]. The deadline for proposals is Monday, November 6, 2017. Also feel free to reach out to Caroline Nolan, Eric Roland, and Sarah Bakanosky if you would like to talk through your idea or have questions about the process. If you need an extension, please do not hesitate to contact us. Project proposals will be evaluated by the Tang Institute in close consultation with Department Chairs, the Dean of Studies, the Dean of Faculty, and the Head of School, in addition to relevant collaborators. We plan to notify new Institute Fellows in late January.

More Information

In addition, we welcome ideas that fall outside our core areas, but that still focus on new approaches for innovative teaching and learning. Faculty applicants are encouraged to consider collaborative efforts that involve faculty colleagues, instructional partners, and/or other community members, in addition to students. Ideas in various stages of development—including early explorations and concepts, existing efforts that need additional support, and novel projects to incubate and develop—are most welcome. Applicants are also encouraged to identify opportunities to engage external partners that enhance and deepen the impact and reach of project work.

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