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June 13, 2016

Learning in the World Update

This summer, 18 faculty members and 108 students are traveling in 21 different locations
by Jenny Corke

As the school year draws to a close and summer break begins, Learning in the World (LITW) program leaders and faculty members are departing on a number of exciting LITW programs and scouting trips. This summer, 18 faculty members and 108 students are traveling in 21 different locations domestically and internationally—ranging from local areas in Massachusetts to as far away as Japan.

Faculty-Led Programs

Updates will be forthcoming from the following faculty-led programs: Berlin

There are also a number of scouting trips underway to explore locations:lj-gallery-7-27-15-4728

  • Brazil PLACES: Scouting trip to Salvador and faculty visit to the SESC School (Flavia Vidal, Peter Cirelli, Anthony Perry, and LaShawn Springer)
  • Lenses on China: Scouting trip to China to reimagine the previously named BASK in ASK Program (Lilia Cai-Hurteau, Liz Monroe, Derek Jacoby, Karin Knudson, and Eric Roland)

Affiliate Programs

PA students will also be participating in Learning in the World experiences provided by partners and affiliate programs, including:

  • AATG (American Association of Teachers of German)
  • Crossover: Hoops Creating Hope (India)
  • English Immersion Summer School Program (Cornell University)
  • NUVU Summer Program (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
  • Putney: Spanish Language Immersion Program (Spain)
  • Roth Mathematics program (Ohio)
  • SYA Summer (Spain, China, France, and Italy)
  • Summer Study Program in psychology (Penn State University)
  • The TOIN Program (Japan)
  • Wind River Wilderness, NOLS (Wyoming)

Sharing Ideas

In preparing for this summer’s programs, LITW faculty played an important role in convening the March meeting: “Global Education Assessment Symposium: Designing for Impact.” Together with more than 40 educators and practitioners from different schools and programs, the day’s conversations offered a unique opportunity to reflect upon the design and impact of these types of global education experiences. Click to read the full report on a lively day of discussions and workshops.

Stay Connected

If you are interested in keeping up on our students’ and faculty’s experiences in the field, follow us on Facebook, on Twitter at #tangLITW, and on Instagram @tanglitw. Also continue to check the website for regular updates.

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