LITW Art Exhibit
April 20, 2016

Students to Present in Learning in the World Art Exhibit

“Divergent Thinking and Global Imagination” Exhibit will feature student art inspired by LITW
by Jenny Corke

Date: andover-world-icon-80-1xFriday, April 29

Time: 7 to 9 p.m.

Location: Steinbach Gallery, George Washington Hall

The upcoming art exhibit, “Divergent Thinking and Global Imagination,” will feature original works by Andover students who were inspired by their 2014–2015 Learning in the World experiences. More than 140 students and 23 faculty members participated in a program, traveling to such diverse locations as China, Peru, the American South, India, New Mexico, Brazil, France, Russia, and Germany. The event will also include stations of desserts from around the world, a performance by the Yorkies, and a Learning in the World Photo Booth. Come join us!

These experiential programs—which give students the chance to participate in an in-depth, off-caIMG_0173mpus learning opportunity—aim to prepare students for responsible, open-minded interactions with fellow citizens of the world. Students often describe their experiences, of engaging with diverse practices and perspectives, history, arts, and surprising and enlightening encounters in cultures new to them, as some of the most transformative moments in their educational career.

“This trip has changed my perspective on virtually everything to do with American culture and politics.” –Isabel Jauregui ’17, American Civil Rights Movement Immersion Program

This exhibit offers a platform through which students are able to express and share those experiences. Participating students submitted art work following an open call in January that asked them to provide imaginative responses to a specific prompt about the role of immersive cultural experiences in cultivating divergent thinking. A planning committee of faculty, staff, and students helped to organize, curate, and coordinate the event.

Art Exhibit Curators

Alexander W. Emerson ‘17

Margaret Harrigan, Art Instructor

Alexandra C. Kim ‘17

Carmen Muñoz Fernández, Director of Learning in the World

Isabel Jauregui ‘17

Caroline Nolan, Currie Family Director, Tang Institute

Larry Pan ‘17

Claire Park ‘16

Madison N. Pettaway ‘17

Eric Roland, Director of Partnerships, Tang Institute

Skyler H. Sallick ‘17

Emily Sanchez ‘18

Mikayla K Schmidt ‘17

Eliot Zaeder ‘17

Thayer Zaeder, Art Instructor

Dominique Zeltzman, Visiting Scholar in Art

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