Math and Art Collaboration

Interdisciplinary Team

  • Therese Zemlin, Instructor in Art
  • Sue Buckwalter, Instructor in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

Focus Area: Creativity & Innovation

Project Overview

How can mathematicians use art to create proofs and how can artists use math as a basis for concept and imagery? How can these connections help to clarify or develop both mathematical and artistic processes? Students in this class will be using math to generate designs and structures that will function as the starting point in the creation of unique and expressive works of art. Students can expect to complete three to four projects utilizing mathematical topics. The class will explore mathematical areas such as sequences, geometry, number theory, and transformations along with art studio processes such as painting, collage, folding 40 Return to Table of Contents (origami), drawing, and building with welded wire. On-campus field trips will include the Addison Gallery, the Knafel Map Collection, and the Peabody Institute.