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June 02, 2017

Students in the Field: Learning in the World

More than a Hundred Students, 27 Faculty Head off for Global Learning Experiences
by Jenny Corke

The academic year may be ending. But a much-anticipated season for Learning in the World (LITW) is about to begin.

NiswarthCurricula have been carefully developed; packing lists are being double-checked; and plane tickets, passports, and IDs are in hand. Faculty and students are about to embark on a range of experiences “in the field” of different cultures–that can amaze, move, and challenge them in transformative ways.

“There is a real urgency for cultivating diverse perspectives in our global society.” said Carmen Munoz Fernandez, director of Learning in the World. “Learning in the World is such an important part of the student experience at Andover. Enabling students to engage with different cultures during their adolescent years has an impact upon their studies back on campus and remains with them throughout their lives.”

This summer, a total of 27 faculty members and 105 students are traveling in more than 20 locations—including a number of areas in the United States and faraway locations such as Dominican Republic and China.

Most of the programs areIMG_0849 Edited-L conceptualized, created, and executed by PA faculty. Their process starts at least a year in advance, often with a scouting trip to the desired location–for research and exploration; to vet the accommodations and transportation; and also to establish connections with local schools, programs, NGOs, and other potential partners. This summer a number of faculty members are also scouting new locations for possible future programs, including African Leadership Academy and Vietnam.

So Much to Explore, Stay Connected

Following is a complete listing of Learning in the World programsunderway and in the works. Explore them alongside Andover students and faculty! If you are interested in keeping up on these exciting experiences in the field, follow on Facebook, on Twitter at #tangLITW, and on Instagram @tanglitw. Also continue to check the website for regular updates.

Summer 2017 Faculty-Led Programs

Berlin History, Culture and Language Week

Lisa J. Svec, Ben Duclos, Mary Mulligan

June 8-15, 2017

The Berlin Week is designed to dovetail with “Berlin: From Imperial Capital to Weltstadt,” a collaboration between the German and History departments. The program has two compelling objectives: to offer PA students the opportunity to engage with native speakers of German to improve their language skills, while connecting what they have learned about German history to the richness of present-day Berlin. Learn more.

Global Goals: Dominican Republic

Anny Candelario Escobar, Emilyn Sosa

June 8-18, 2017

Global Goals: Dominican Republic is a service program where students will learn about the fundamentals of community outreach initiatives and Dominican culture. This program is about leveraging the unique potential of adolescent girls to end poverty for themselves, their families, their communities, their countries, and the world. Learn more.


Mark Cutler, Donald Slater

June 7-28, 2017

The Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology, the Spanish Department, and the History and Social Science Department at Phillips Academy have teamed up to offer students a unique experience of archaeological exploration and linguistic and cultural immersion in Peru. Learn more.

Lenses on China

Lilia Cai-Hurteau, Liz Monroe, Derek Jacoby, Karin Knudson

June 3-22, 2017

Lenses on China provides students with the opportunity to engage in meaningful cultural exchange, experiential learning, and thoughtful engagement with key issues related to the People’s Republic of China. Learn more.

Niswarth India

Raj Mundra, Catherine Tousignant, Erin Strong

June 16- July 8, 2017

Niswarth brings together people and ideas from across the globe. It focuses on multiple perspectives, it works to identify and understand context, and it digs into the complexity of pressing issues within communities. Learn more.

Russian Language Immersion Program

Kassie Archambault

June 9-July 1, 2017

The three-week program provides an opportunity for students to practice and advance their Russian language skills while learning about the Russian people first hand. Learn more.

Summer 2017 Affiliate Programs

  • AATG (American Association of Teachers of German)

  • EF Educational Program in Japan (Shibuya, Tokyo)

  • Hurricane Island Outward Bound School (Maine)

  • INESLE Program (Spain)

  • Inlingua Berlin (Germany)

  • Lorant Fellowship

  • Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) program

  • SYA Summer (Spain, China, France, and Italy)

  • The TOIN Program (Japan)

Learn more about Affiliate Programs.

Summer 2017 Scouting, Vetting, and Partnership Trips

  • African Leadership Academy (ALA), South Africa

  • Argentina

  • Bhutan

  • Brazil

  • Centers Of Chinese Civilizations

  • Japan

  • Vietnam

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