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three high school students sitting at desks and looking at computers
Computer Science and Ethics at Duke University: Past and Present

The ethi{CS} project collaborates with Duke's Open Design Studio to foster learning at the intersection of CS and ethics

five people stand with arms crossed in front of "United States Senate" sign
Daring to Reimagine Access

Learning to be okay with dreaming “too big” and embracing unfinished work

students and a teacher standing in a classroom stretching a string from person to person
Dissatisfaction & Other Common Workshop Crises

Spontaneous prose & letting my ideas breathe

a group of students sits on the floor of a Buddhist temple with a "nunk" wearing a red cloak

A meditation on how learning to embrace fun has become central to authentic discovery in the Workshop

an interior shot of a restaurant with small tables and yellow chairs
The Unexpected Path to Finding Culture and Love

By documenting an Indo-Chinese restaurant, I changed from a demotivated person to one inspired to create

workshop students sitting on stoop by brick wall
Improvisational Literature?

An exploration of cross-medium artistic expression and its effectiveness



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