A Voice of Her Own: Fiction Workshop for Young Women


This project aims to design a hybrid workshop model that will prepare young women writers for the creative challenges and practical realities of sharing their work beyond the classroom. Combining an on-campus summer residency with an online platform, the workshop will focus on the development of each student’s unique writing voice, artistic confidence, editorial skills, and awareness of the publishing landscape, with an eye toward avoiding submission pitfalls associated with youth and gender. In gradually shifting student writers from an academic mindset to an independent one—from question-answerers to problem-makers, from writers in the classroom to writers at home—this hybrid workshop will help students cultivate sustainable writing habits and publication strategies.

Summer Session 2018: Spread Word

Applications are now open to McQuade's new course, "A Voice of Her Own," which will launch during Summer Session 2018 at Andover.

Watch Kate McQuade describer her new course, "A Voice of Her Own."