Refining and Implementing our Blended Online BC Calculus Course


In Fall 2014, Lisa Joseph began the implementation and remote instruction of the supplementary BC Calculus modules for (MS)2 students, with an emphasis on exploring the use of online resources, remote instruction (for example, 1:1 teaching and support and group sessions), and peer teaching. Working closely with colleagues in the Math Department and other partners, she is helping us to explore and evaluate ways to support and strengthen sustainable and frequent interactions between teachers and students. The goal is to improve the curriculum and content, evaluate the efficacy and scalability of the course, and make recommendations for improvements and possible engagement with additional audiences.

A number of teachers in our math department have contributed to this effort, including: Bill Scott, Chris Odden, Pat Farrell and others in addition to Sarah Varsinek, a partner from Brighton Area Schools.

Using the Canvas learning management system, the team has been developing modular content that includes:

  • Dr. Odden’s videos
  • Narrative explanations
  • Unique problem sets
  • Links to our Khan Academy problems, and
  • A range of other resources and approaches