Writing to Change the World


As a collaboration among the English Department, the Community Engagement Office, and Lawrence public schools and community organizations, English 501, Writing and Teaching to Change the World is a community-based learning course. Students are encouraged to discover and develop the writer within themselves and then, in turn, to serve as Andover Bread Loaf Writing Leaders. As leaders, they learn to organize their own writing programs or to assist teachers in organizing writing programs. In addition to reading texts about educational theory and practice, students will experiment during in-class workshops with many different genres of writing in a supportive, creative learning community. The course provides students with methods they can use in working with other youth in K-12 and provides them with the experience of working in classrooms in the Lawrence Public Schools. Students are invited to join the Andover Bread Loaf Network and to participate in its conferences, workshops, and events during the year. Lou Bernieri and Monique Cueto-Potts will also identify best practices associated with developing service learning opportunities throughout the Andover campus.