Jacques Hugon ’79

Jacques joined the Institute in 2015, with a focus on the development of home-grown technical solutions aligned with the mission of the Institute in supporting the work of our faculty, students, and external partners.

One of these online platforms, Academy Compass, is now used by Phillips Academy to assess new students in Math, Music, and World Languages, and help department chairs place these students in appropriate courses when they arrive on campus. Compass is also used by MS(2) and Summer Session to assess students with their math skills, and three additional school partners are currently evaluating using this platform for math placement of their incoming students.

Two other online platforms also support the work of our faculty and students: the first one lets math faculty create, organize, and share math problems, while the other organizes astronomical observations to facilitate student research under the guidance of our Astronomy faculty. Both of these platforms are currently internally focused.

Prior to joining the Institute, Jacques served as an instructor in Mathematics and Computer Science at Phillips Academy between 2001 to 2015, during which period he introduced two new courses, one covering business productivity tools and elements of entrepreneurial finance and the other one teaching the fundamentals of web design.

Jacques started his career as a software engineer and manager in the high-tech industry. He was involved in entrepreneurial ventures in the fields of video game design, personal computer peripherals, and electronic TV program guides. Jacques holds AB, SM, and MBA degrees from Harvard University.

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