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April 11, 2018

Call For Submissions: Learning in the World Art Exhibit

Students who have participated in a LITW program are encouraged to submit related art work
by Jenny Barker

A team comprised of members of the Tang Institute's Learning in the World (LITW) and Global Ambassadors programs is working with students and faculty to design an art exhibit, which will run from April 25 through May 14, in the Steinbach Lobby of George Washington Hall. The exhibit, cohosted by the Theater and Dance Department, will share and showcase students’ LITW experiences from all programs and past years.

The hope is to:

  • Feature work from each of the Learning in the World programs (from both students, and faculty members)
  • Exhibit a variety of modes and media, including, but not limited to: photography, video, drawing, music, creative writing/poetry, choreography, mixed media/collage, collaborative creations

Prompt: Global Citizenship and Global Imagination

The following prompt may help guide submissions, though students are encouraged to probe and reimagine this prompt as they create their project:

“Learning in the World programming hopes to give students the skills they need to become global citizens by instilling in them an understanding of people's shared humanity, a drive to promote social change, and capabilities in leadership and cross-cultural competency. Being in a new geography, in a new experience, while encountering diversity and multiculturalism might bring a more profound understanding of self. Did global citizenship play a role in your LITW experience? Were you influenced by new cultures, new pathways, new experiences, and new challenges? Did you capture either your own experience or the experience of others in this new environment? Did you create art, reflect in journals, or capture a global citizenship moment or experience in a photograph? We invite you to share them with us!”


The deadline for submissions is Sunday, April 22. Digital copies can be sent to Carmen Muñoz Fernández, director of Learning in the World. Art pieces can be dropped off at the Tang Institute, Pearson C, before April 22.

Please include the following:

1.Title of your art piece
2.Your name
3.Learning in the World Program
4.Time and place where artwork was created

About Learning in the World

Learning in the World (LITW) reflects Andover’s commitment to educating global citizens. With programs in diverse regions of the world, LITW gives students the chance to participate in an in-depth, off-campus learning experience that engages them directly with different practices and perspectives, history, arts, and surprising and enlightening encounters in new cultures. Students expand their worldview, gaining a sense of our world’s complexity and the skills essential to thrive in it.

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