Equity & Inclusion

Projects in this area will continue to advance the work of equity and inclusion on campus, with the goal of nurturing the academic and personal growth of all students as they navigate a complex, intentionally diverse learning community. We support Andover’s continued progress toward full equity by helping to enhance the educational program and support systems to prepare students for life at and beyond Andover.

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Anti-Racist Advocacy in Education Systems

Central to this work is an examination into our own history with race and racism—both as individuals and as an institution—as we seek to learn about, promote, and support anti-racist work in our classrooms.


The Rainbow at PA

This project will investigate and implement strategies for helping to make our campus one that visibly welcomes, represents, and embraces LGBTQ+ students and adults.

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Teaching Religious Studies

A new digital resource aims to enhance teaching on religious studies and increase religious literacy in students for our increasingly globalized world.