The Rainbow at PA

Fellow: Marisela Ramos, Instructor in History and Social Science

Focus Area: Equity & Inclusion

Project Overview

One of the challenges of creating a safe and accepting LGBTQ+ campus and community is that sexual orientation is not necessarily visible. Quite often, the sexual orientation of the members of our community is not something we can measure by looking around at its members. Instead, we have to rely upon the built landscape, whether that be through the presence of visual cues (a rainbow flag or a safe-zone sticker) or some other marker to signify the acceptance and expression of LGBTQ+ people and cultures. In her project, The Rainbow at PA: Making the Invisible Visible, Marisela Ramos will investigate and implement strategies for helping to make our campus one that visibly welcomes, represents, and embraces LGBTQ+ students and adults.

Queering the Curriculum

Are you an educator who is looking to add more LGBTQ+ resources to your curricula? Marisela has compiled a growing list of resources and links to share, available below. If you have additional sites and information you'd like to contribute, please send them to [email protected].